City to City {Exhibition} June 2, 2012


Sometimes an artist or musician can pull off a spectacular event once, but when you attend the second venue, you realize that, for whatever reason, they were unable to duplicate the same happenings that first had you in awe. This is not the case with Rob Jelinski’s Exhibitions as he proved this past Saturday night at the City to City {Exhibition} – a collaboration with Panera Bread Company of Hoboken!

The night was filled with energy from the moment guests reached Panera’s entrance where they stumbled upon a pre-show, street performance of Rob drawing the City to City branding and his twin brother, Joel playing unplugged hits! Then once they passed through the door of Panera’s largest New Jersey location, they were captivated by Rob’s gallery art displayed on sleek easels in a large corridor. I believe a modern rendition of Alicia Keys was first in sight, followed by a thought provoking montage of the late, Rev. Martin Luther King, and two crowd favorites from A Book Called… Forever- Love Is A Flame and Seasons.

After appreciating the displays, in the front of the store, by the bakery area, customer’s had the chance to order Panera’s tasty food (first 25 customers received a copy of one of Rob’s limited edition artist prints from A Book Called… Forever which was on display in Oakland, California that very night) and then sit down in a casually staged area where four talented musicians would perform adjacent to five live artists, and two 3-dimensional art displays!!

The unplugged sessions were brilliantly done with Lizette Amor rocking the house with her rendition of B.O.B’s “Airplanes,” Joel Jelinski with “Pumped Up Kicks” by Foster The People, Sarah Wilk covering “The Show Goes On” by Lupe Fiasco, and a guest appearance by M. Josephine of two original songs from her new EP “Donut Soul – A J. Dilla Tribute!” (All of these were Rob’s special requests for the evening.)

Paula Scheyer led the way for Rob’s crowd artists by creating a portrait of B.O.B himself with Crayola crayons and watercolors! Wow! Judson Blake drew charcoal portraits of a few guests while Christy Evers sketched from her imagination, and Bernadette Moke aka the Downtown Doodler created her “comic-a-day” 2013 Sketchbook Project! Rob even drew a cityscape on a loaf of Panera's famous French Miche bread as on lookers watched curiously!!

As if that weren’t enough inspiration from a free night on the town, Rob’s 3-dimensional art displays defied boundaries with dimensional collages of vintage items, audio and visual inspiration Rob will be using to create his 2013 Sketchbook Project called Revolutionary, and a hand drawn linen comic by Joshua Dease and hand drawn linen mural by Amanda MacFarlane! Again both crafted at Rob’s request.

In addition to viewing my captures of City to City, you can also view archives of the LIVE stream on Rob Jelinski Studios LIVE!