Filled with Love, Family, and Friendship

On a late Friday night last summer, I received a text message from Brent asking if I would like to go to Amagansett to photograph his family and his newborn son, Baby “B”.  Who could refuse such an amazing offer?  The very next morning,I was on a bus headed to Long Island.


This is one of the most loving families I have ever met.  I wanted to capture the joy this baby brings to those around him, as well as the love from his parents and grandmas.  Throughout the day we shared a lot of laughter; when we were not taking pictures, we went boogie boarding, or enjoying fika (Swedish tea break).  We ended our day with a delicious Swedish dinner, after which we were treated to Grandma Gunilla and Lotta singing us some Swedish songs.

Even when putting this post together, I caught myself smiling and reliving those moments.  I hope one day when this baby looks at these pictures, he can feel how much love there was for him was even when he was just a baby.