Zoe + Evan / Connecticut Wedding

After three and a half hours of driving, I finally arrived Norfolk, CT. When I entered the house, I heard guitar playing and people singing. After introducing myself to the family members, they told me that it would be a surprise for Zoe and Evan. At that moment, I knew this wedding would be an interesting one.

At the reception, they all went up to the stage and started singing. It was so lovely that I decided to record it with my Nikon D7000 because I also had a little surprise for them the following day. They invited me to stay for a night and join everyone for brunch the next day. In the morning, I woke up early and put together this slideshow and used their singing as the background music.

Everybody gathered around the TV and were surprised how quickly it was put together. I just love seeing all those smiley faces when they were reliving these lovely moments. Congratulations, Zoe and Evan! I really enjoyed your wedding as there was a lot of love.